Access Check

Here at Larkbury London, we pride ourselves on the excellent service we provide, which includes our White Glove delivery. Our trained delivery team will deliver your items at a time that suits you. They will make sure that all items are placed in your home where you would like them and they are happy to move existing furniture around to accommodate this.

In order for this service to be completed, we sometime need to complete an access check beforehand to make sure there are no restrictions. We are happy to support our customers when they know what items they would like to buy to make sure that they fit.

Help us understand your space better and ensure a stress-free delivery by completing the following steps.

Furniture MeasuringFurniture Measuring


Furniture Measurements

First things first, take a note of the width, height and depth of your new piece you would like delivered.


Journey Measurements

Next stage is to measure the different points in the journey from the point of entry, through your home to the final destination.

Door / Lift in Entry WayDoor / Lift in Entry Way

Door / Lift

Measure the width and height of the door frame, making sure you measure within the door frame. If the height of the furniture is smaller than the width of the door, it will fit. Alternatively, if the width of the sofa is smaller than the height of the door, this will fit too. If we need to take the piece into the lift, take a note of the width, height and depth of the lift. If these measurements are greater than the furniture measurements then it will fit.



Measure the narrowest part of the hallway, include any obstructions which cannot be moved e.g. radiators. The height of the sofa needs to be smaller than this measurement.



In order to manoeuvre around the stairs, take the width of the stairs as well as the total height, again including any obstructions which cannot be moved e.g. pendant light. If the width of the stairs is greater than the height of the sofa, then this will fit. Otherwise, we may need to lift the furniture over the bannisters, or around the stairway. If this is the case, then the depth of the furniture needs to be smaller than the height of the stairs in order to fit.


Access Check

If you are having any difficulties with access and at first glance it seems your furniture may not fit, we offer an Access Check before delivery. At a small fee (£80), we will measure all areas required and let you know if delivery is possible. If delivery of your new piece isn’t possible, we will advise alternatives such as bespoke alterations or manufacturing the piece in smaller sections.

Access Check in BasementAccess Check in Basement

Need more help?

If it doesn’t look like your new piece will fit into your space for whatever reason, don’t worry as there may be another solution. Sometimes the legs and arms can be removed or we deliver in smaller boxes to help delivery, there is always something we can do. Contact our customer service team who are always happy to help with any questions you may have. Email, call 020 8051 0919