Privacy Policy


1.       OVERVIEW

1.1     Larkbury London Ltd (company number 12270606) ("We") are committed to protecting the privacy of individuals who visit our website (“Visitors”), individuals who purchase goods or services from us (“Customers") and individuals who go through our job recruitment process ("Job Applicants"). Visitors, Customers and Job Applicants are referred to together in this privacy policy as "you" or "your".

1.2     We are the 'data controller' of your data which you may supply to us. We make decisions about how your personal data is used. We are entirely open about our information gathering practices and will respond to requests sent to us within a reasonable period of time. If you have any queries about our use of your personal data, we can be contacted by email here.

1.3     The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) impacts how organisations record, store and use personal data. This legislation is designed to give you, as 'data subjects', greater control and new rights over how organisations record, store and use your data.

1.4     This privacy policy sets out our uses of personal data, our privacy practices and your choices regarding the use, access and correction of your personal data.


2.1     We gather data when you browse, purchase, make enquiries or sign up for a newsletter on our website or through a sales person. We also gather data during the staff recruitment process. We will not collect any information unless it is either specifically, knowingly, and voluntarily provided by you or collected with your consent. The information we collect will be accurate and, so far as we are able to, kept up to date. You can check this at any time by contacting us and we will immediately correct any inaccuracies you report.


3.1     We process personal data according to the following principles:

(a)      We keep to a minimum the amount of information we hold.

(b)      We use data to respond to enquiries, fulfil orders and provide information about our furniture (the lawful basis for this is “legitimate interest”).

(c)      We also use data to complete transactions with you on our website, via phone sales and also via our showroom (the lawful basis for this is “contract”).

(d)      We also use data to communicate with Visitors and Customers where they have signed up and opted in to receive information from us (the lawful basis for this is "consent").

(e)      We only hold data for as long as necessary.

(f)       We apply appropriate security mechanisms to protect personal data we hold.

(g)      Our legitimate business interests are balanced with your interests, rights, freedoms and consent.


4.1     We are the data controller of your personal data which we collect, or you provide by:

(a)      Filling in forms on this website, if you report a problem with it, or if you contact us

(b)      Visiting our website, accessing pages and resources. Responding to voluntary research surveys

4.2     We will use this personal data to provide you:

(a)      The most effective relevant website content

(b)      With your consent updates or material which we believe will be of interest to you

(c)      The interactive features of the website, when you choose to use these

(d)      Notifications of website content changes


5.1     We are the data controller of your personal data which we collect or you provide by making enquiries, requesting quotes or placing orders.

5.2     We gather permissions and will use your personal data to send out communications about topics such as:

(a)      Any enquiry, quote or order you place with us

(b)      To keep you abreast of news and offers from Larkbury Group Limited

(c)      Invitations to events and special promotions

(d)      Announcing the launch of new businesses within the Larkbury Group

5.3     There are certain types of event-specific emails that you will always receive from us, regardless of your contact permissions. These include confirmation of a purchase on our website, delivery notification of an order or if we require further information from you regarding delivery of an order. We may also contact you by phone regarding any of these. We also use personal data to fulfil contracts, to send goods you have bought, to prepare and send invoices and to collect payments.

5.4     We will respect how you want to be contacted and about which areas of our brand. Equally, if we are asked never to contact you again, we will respect this decision although if it may impact our ability to perform a contract with you. On request we will remove your personal data from our database.

5.5     In the course of our contract with you, we provide extra services to Purchasers for your benefit; 0% finance and fabric protection treatments. We share your data with certain third parties to enable us to do so. In particular:

5.6     We currently share you data with Omni Capital Retail Finance Limited (or another provider we may use in the future) to check whether we can approve your application for finance and to grant you finance

5.7     We share your data with Guardsman™ (or another provider we may use in the future) to provide fabric protection services


6.1     If you submit an employment application to us, including CVs or resumes, all of the information submitted may be used for any and all purposes ordinarily associated with processing an employment application.


7.1     You can check and update your contact preferences at any time by logging on to our website and visiting the ‘My account’ area. We suggest you do that now, so that we have your most up-to-date contact preferences and can continue to communicate with you in the way you would like.

7.2     If you have any questions about how we are using your data, please get in touch with us by emailing 


8.1     Our website and servers use RapidSSL SSLCertificates to offer secure communications by encrypting all data to and from the site and storage on our servers. RapidSSL has checked and verified the site's registered domain name.

8.2     This website employs RapidSSL and industry-standard SSL to provide secure credit card transactions. SSL is a communications protocol for transmitting private information over the internet. It works by encrypting data that is transmitted over the SSL connection. When you place an order, your credit/debit card information is encrypted and then sent over the internet using an SSL connection. No one can read or access the data that is being transmitted.

8.3     We collect information about our customers via server logs, cookies, order forms and competitions. A cookie is a file that your web browser places on your computer’s hard disk for record-keeping purposes. The information collected in this way can be used to identify you unless you modify your browser settings. The cookie does not store any credit/debit card information or password details. Please view our cookie policy below for more details about the use of cookies on this website.

8.4     It is important for you to protect against unauthorised access to your password and to your computer. Ensure that you log out when you finish using a shared computer.


9.1     We have business and technical partners whom we share data with to handle orders, process credit and debit card payments and provide a range of services, including for fraud protection purposes, to help you obtain finance and to obtain fabric protection services. They are bound by data protection covenants and must process the personal information in accordance with this privacy policy. 

9.2     You should be aware that if we are requested by the police or any other regulatory authority investigating suspected illegal activities to provide your personal information, we are entitled to do so.

9.3     In addition to the company's safeguards, your personal data is protected in the UK by the Data Protection Act 1998 (the "Act"). The Act requires us, as registered Data Controllers, amongst other things to ensure that the data we hold about you should be processed lawfully and fairly. It should be accurate, relevant, and not excessive. The information should, where necessary, be kept up to date and not retained for longer than is necessary. It should be kept securely to prevent unauthorized access by other people.

9.4     We take the risk of internet fraud very seriously. With the volume of fraudulent credit card transactions increasing, we make every effort to ensure all orders are thoroughly checked using the information already supplied. There is a possibility we may contact you to make additional security checks and we ask for your co-operation to enable us to complete them. Fraudulent transactions will not be tolerated by us and such transactions will be reported to the relevant authorities.


10.1   We only hold personal data for as long as is necessary. We may retain and use information in order to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, prevent abuse and enforce our agreements.


11.1   Opt-out (Right to Restrict Processing). You may contact us anytime to opt-out of,

(a)      direct marketing communications,

(b)      our collection of personal data. 

(c)      Please note that your use of our website may be ineffective upon opt-out and we may also not be able to perform contracts with you.

11.2   Access (Right to be informed, Right of Access). You may request access to the data we hold about you at any time by contacting us directly.

11.3   Amend (Right to Rectification). You can also contact us to update or correct any inaccuracies in your personal data. If you have contacted us and you need your personal information updated, you can contact us to change or delete your information.

11.4   Move (Right to Data Portability). Your data is portable you can contact us to move your data we hold elsewhere.

11.5   Erase and forget (Right to Erasure). In certain situations, for example when the data we hold about you is no longer relevant or is incorrect, you can request that we erase your data.

12.     CHANGES

12.1   We reserve the right to modify this privacy statement at any time. All updates and amendments are effective immediately upon notice, which we may give by any means, including, but not limited to, by posting a revised version of this privacy policy or other notice on our website.

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What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of information which are issued to your computer when you visit a website and which store and sometimes track information about your use of the site. A number of cookies we use last only for the duration of your web session and expire when you close your browser. Other cookies are only used where you ask us to remember your login details for when you next return to the site and will last for a longer duration.

Why do we use cookies?

The cookies used on are explained below and based on the International Chamber of Commerce guide for cookie categories.

1. Strictly necessary cookies

1.1 Strictly necessary cookies allow you to use essential features of our site such as enabling you to order more easily.

1.2 The essential features of our site require strictly necessary cookies so that we can remember your postcode and what is in your shopping basket whilst you continue to order products from our site and/or navigate to different pages of the site. We are also able to identify you as being logged in to and to ensure that you are able to access the appropriate features on our site.

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2. Performance cookies

2.1 Performance cookies collect information about how you use our site, so that we can improve the quality of our site and service.

2.2 Our performance cookies do not collect any information that could potentially identify you. All information collected is anonymous and is used by us to:

  • provide statistics on how our site is used;
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3. Functionality cookies

3.1 Functionality cookies used on our site provide you with improved browsing and site functionality whilst you are browsing for example, if you require help and assistance with your order or to enhance your future visits to our site for example, login. These cookies may share information with partners to provide services on our site. The information shared is only to be used to provide the service, product or function and not for any other purpose.

4. Targeting & Sharing cookies

4.1 Targeting & sharing cookies offer you a customised browsing experience by providing you with interest-based services both on this site and on some other websites too.

4.2 Cookies which customise your browsing experience on our site only collect information by reference to the IP address that you are using. Some of these customised browsing experiences may be linked to services provided by third parties which provide these services for recognising that you have visited our site. This information is used to inform you of products and/or services which may be of interest to you or for services provided by our third-party partners.

4.3 These cookies may also link to social networks such as Facebook or Twitter provide advertising agencies with information on your visit so that they can present you with adverts which may be of interest to you.

4.4 For more information about this type of interest based advertising, and about how to turn this feature off please visit

5. First Party cookies

5.1 First party cookies are set by the website, you are visiting, and they can only be read by that site.

6. Third Party cookies

6.1 For data collection and advertising targeting a cookie is saved on your device for the following purposes.

6.2 Third party cookies are set by a different organisation to the owner of the website you are visiting. For example, the website might use a third-party analytics company who will set their own cookie to perform this service. We use these to improve our website UX, products, services and advertising.

6.3 The website you are visiting may also contain content embedded from, for example YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, and these sites may set their own cookies. Third parties use cookies and other storage technologies to collect and receive information from our website to provide measurement services, create custom audiences, similar audiences and targeted advertising. In remarketing we are reaching people who previously visited our website and match them based on how they interacted with our website with the right message. Additionally, we use similar audiences, that help us expand our promotions by targeting new users with similar characteristics to our site visitors. Facebook and other third parties can use the data for own advertising purposes and may also have the capability to track your browsing across different sites. More details about Facebook privacy policy can be found here:

7. Session cookies

7.1 Session Cookies are stored only temporarily during a browsing session and are deleted from the user's device when the browser is closed.

8. Persistent cookies

8.1 This type of cookie is saved on your computer for a fixed period (usually a year or longer) and is not deleted when the browser is closed. Persistent cookies are used where we need to know who you are for more than one browsing session. For example, we use this type of cookie to store your preferences, so that they are remembered for the next visit.

9. User Interaction Monitoring

We partner with Microsoft Clarity and Microsoft Advertising to capture how you use and interact with our website through behavioral metrics, heatmaps, and session replay to improve and market our products/services. Website usage data is captured using first and third-party cookies and other tracking technologies to determine the popularity of products/services and online activity. Additionally, we use this information for site optimization, fraud/security purposes, and advertising. We never record or store any sensitive or payment information. For more information about how Microsoft collects and uses your data, visit the Microsoft Privacy Statement.  

10. Managing your cookie preferences

10.1 Some of the cookies used by our site are served by us, and some are served by third parties. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies but, if you prefer, you can change your browser to prevent that or to notify you each time a cookie is set. You can also learn more about cookies by visiting which includes additional useful information on cookies and how to block cookies using different types of browser. Please note however, that by blocking or deleting cookies used on our site you may not be able to take full advantage of our site if you do so.

10.2 Our Privacy Policy above can provide you with further details about how we use any personal information you give us, although not all information captured by using cookies will identify you.

10.3 We are continually striving to develop improved ways of managing your cookie preferences. As new technologies and solutions emerge, this cookies policy may be updated to reflect any such advances in technology and preference management tools.

10.4 You can manage the collection and use of certain information here:

a. For Google Analytics at

b. For Google Ads and what opt out does and doesn’t do, visit:  

c. For Facebook at