Art & Wall Décor

Art & Wall Décor

Here at Larkbury London, we believe that designing and curating walls are as important as the floor space within your home. That’s why we offer a wide range of art and wall décor to ensure every aspect of your home exudes luxury. Our exclusive range of art and wall décor comes in a vast range from large paintings to intricate sculptures and designer mirrors. All of which are hand chosen by experts in style and luxury to ensure there’s something for every and any aesthetic. Browse our styles to discover bold colours, shimmering gold sculptures and even intricate clocks that are sure to make statements and start conversations.


Explore our collection of modern art and prints, which include single pieces as well as sets with up to six different designs to assist you in filling the wall space you have available to style and play with. Whether you’re looking for stunning black and white photographs of architecture, historic renderings of animals or abstract and dynamic lines – we offer an incredible range of stunning art for your home. All of our prints and artworks come framed in stunning, perfectly crafted frames to assist in the longevity and class of the art they contain. Much like all of the items from Larkbury London, these frames are made from the very best material available and built to last a lifetime. 


Discover our selection of sculptures to assist you in decorating every surface of your home with some dazzling excellence. From vintage inspired pieces made from clear glass to modern designs made from marble, we have exactly what you’re looking for to bring that sense of artistic luxury to your home. No matter which piece you land up bringing home, it’s sure to stir conversation amongst every visitor in your home. 


We’ve even taken the simple mirror and elevated it to the level of art, these pieces are beautiful, practical and have the wonderful quality of making every space they’re placed within look larger. Our range of mirrors are curated to fit every interior taste, we offer mirrors featuring modern shapes, intricate patterns, organic shapes in every size to ensure you can find a piece to bring a new sense of life to your home. 


We understand that every element in your home is an investment, and all of your pieces, big and small, should stay pristine as you move through the stages of your life. This is why each and every one of our art and wall décor pieces are crafted by master artisans to ensure they stand the test of time. Explore our curated range of art and wall décor today to find the small details to take your home to the next level of style.